Dog Days of Summer Group Exhibition

Dog Days of Summer
Artist: Nicki Forde-Ficocelli
Dimensions: 18x24in
Price: $850
Medium: Acrylic Painting on canvas
From the artist: “This painting offers an alternate and joyful reality where, during the dog days of summer, animals unite and head to the beach to cool off and enjoy the ocean breeze and waves as the sun sets.”
Oh Happy Day
Artist: Kate Broderick
Dimensions: 20x16in
Price: $1,500
Medium: Acrylic Painting on canvas
From the artist: “Oh Happy Day” pays homage to a cherished childhood companion, capturing the joyous spirit of a golden retriever frolicking on a sun-kissed beach. With each brushstroke, I strove to bring to life the exuberant energy and unwavering loyalty of a beloved canine friend, based upon the cherished memories of my childhood dog, Danny. The vibrant colors and dynamic composition strive to evoke a sense of warmth and happiness, transporting viewers to carefree days spent by the ocean, creating lasting memories with their own furry companions. This heartfelt artwork attempts to serve as a tribute to the bond between humans and animals, celebrating the pure bliss of a dog’s unwavering love and the enduring impact they have on our lives.” 
Artist: Cristina Rodriguez
Dimensions: 60x48in
Price: $4,200
Blue Horse
Artist: Cristina Rodriguez
Dimensions: 50x48in
Price: $3,500
Better Living Through Advanced Technology
Artist: Mike Knapp
Dimensions: 36x48in
Price: $2,000
Medium: Acrylic Painting on canvas
From the artist: “The robot is walking the human’s dog and yet the human still walks, but now alone. He has lost the pleasure of the companionship of the dog to technology.”
Cormorant in Green
Artist: John Coleman
Dimensions: 60x40in
Price: $4,000
Medium: Acrylic Painting on canvas
From the artist: “This piece is trying to capture the verdant summer nature and wildlife we encounter close up while traveling along the Silver River. The clear water with ribbons of river grass already felt like a painting to me so I endeavored to recreate that feeling.”
Sirius Made Me Do It!
Artist: Ellen Hosafros
Dimensions: 24x18in
Price: $800
Medium: Oil on canvas
From the artist: “Initially I was inspired to paint a “cat monument” based on Mount Rushmore. Then I read about how the Ancient Greeks believed that the star Sirius caused dogs to misbehave during hot weather, and the theme of my painting became set in stone (or rather, mud). The narrator of the story, Fido, doesn’t show in the painting. All we see is his creation, Mount Catmore. This impressionistic painting is oil on canvas.”
Surf Fishing
Artist: Kathleen Karol
Dimensions: 22x26in
Price: $850
Medium: Pastel painting
From the artist: “The Great Blue Heron multi-tasking on a hot summer day with a dip in the Gulf and an eye out for dinner.”
Artist: Micki Cavanah
Dimensions: 17x11in
Price: $2,300
Medium: Mixed Media
From the artist: “Racoons are very intelligent. Just the fact that they are nocturnal during “the dog days of summer” (and any other time for that matter) sleeping during the hottest part of the day and going about their business at night is smart. Some measures of intelligence have placed Raccoons above cats but below primates in their ability to distinguish between objects. They have exceptional memories and can remember the solution to tasks for up to three years without reinforcement.
The Beatles song Rocky Racoon is about a frustrated love triangle; racoons do not have life partners but studies show that an extraordinary amount of their brain processing power focuses on feeling, both emotionally and physically.
Blue Eyes
Artist: Paulo Jimenez
Dimensions: 40x30in
Price: $3,500
Medium: Oil and Gold Leaf on canvas
From the artist: “In this captivating painting, a majestic palomino white horse stands proudly against a mesmerizing gold leaf background. Its glistening blue eyes reflect the serenity of a summer day, exuding an ethereal quality that captures the essence of the “Dog Days of Summer.” The artist masterfully intertwines the ancient concept of Sirius, the “Dog Star,” with the equine grace and strength portrayed by the palomino. The horse, an emblem of power and freedom, embodies the fiery energy that permeates these sultry summer days. The gold leaf background, reminiscent of the sun’s radiance, envelops the scene in a warm and luminous aura. Through this artwork, the artist invites viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of celestial phenomena, the untamed spirit of nature, and the timeless allure of summer’s dog days, infusing the painting with a sense of enchantment and awe.”
Origin of Inspiration
Artist: Carrie Wachter-Martinez
Dimensions: 54.5×30.5in
Price: $3,600
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
From the artist: “… a woman in a blue gown is painting a peacock, she draws inspiration from nature, the flora and fauna, and the stars and galaxies. The nebula is the birthplace of stars and represents the source of creation and creative inspiration.”
Lazy Dog Day Afternoon
Artist: Linda DeRosa
Dimensions: 11x14in
Price: $125
Medium: Mixed Media on canvas
From the artist: “My niece’s dog is a traveling pet. He travels from one state to another during the hot summer months. When the brightest star in the constellation appears he is ready for his trek to begin. He travels around the country visiting relatives, tourist sights, art museums and cities. He gets tired and is lazy at times and he must rest on his blanket of many colors, viewing the map for his next destination. He is not a big dog of any means but a mighty one. At the end of the dog days of summer, he will be slumbering once again at home.
Happy Boy Jumping
Artist: Julia Wynn Safer
Dimensions: 12x12in
Price: $450
Medium: Acrylic on wood
From the artist: “I was inspired to paint “Happy Boy Jumping” by a photo I took of my rowdy, Hairy Hairless Chinese Crested dog as he played in the yard, jumping for sticks, leaves, and pine straw last summer. Backyard playtime is frequently brief during the oppressive heat of the dog days of summer, which is represented in this painting by the color palette.”
Myrna in the Hydrangea
Artist: Mindy Lighthipe
Dimensions: 20x24in
Price: $975
Medium: Watercolor
From the artist: “Summer is gardening time! There is nothing better than being in the garden and having a helper! Cats are great at hiding in and out of the colorful blooms of summer. Myrna is a rescue cat and the muse for this original watercolor. I volunteer at the Sweet Water Rescue and Rehab in Williston, Florida and hope to bring awareness to potential adopters how wonderful it is to adopt an adult senior kitty!”
Horses in the Sun (French Blue)
Artist: Heather Batchelor
Dimensions: 10x8in
Price: $150
Medium: Acrylic painting
From the artist: “Horses in the Sun. Referencing one of my favorite animals that I grew up with at my parents farm – The many days of showing horses in the hot summer with my daughter – And the HITS Ocala winter circuit.”
A ruff night
Artist: Vicky Carol
Dimensions: 20x16in
Price: $850
Medium: Acrylic painting
From the artist: “In harmony with the theme of the show, I have painted a portrait of our family dog, Bolt. As he is the most relaxed and loving animal I have ever encountered. He even thinks ice cubes are cookies. We as humans make our animals conform to human ways and they want to please us in return even wearing tie dye shirts.”
Artist: Paulo Jimenez
Dimensions: 40x30in
Price: $3,500
Medium: Oil and Gold Leaf on canvas
From the artist: “This artwork beautifully evokes the theme of the “Dog Days of Summer” by intertwining elements of nature, mythology, and the summer season. Just as the ancient belief held that the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, brought about the hot and sultry days, the dark horse symbolizes the intensity and energy of this period. The angelic patch on its forehead serves as a reminder of the ethereal nature of summer, hinting at the magical possibilities and hidden depths that can be discovered during this time. Through the juxtaposition of the dark horse and the golden backdrop, the painting captures the essence of the dog days, fusing strength, beauty, and the celestial influence into a captivating visual narrative.
Æther Ravens
Artist: Christopher Hershberger
Dimensions: 36x48in
Price: $5,000
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
From the artist: “Æther Ravens represents our collective inner intuition embodied by ethereal birds navigating the cosmos. Ravens hold an important position amongst many cultures and are generally associated with intelligence, wisdom, and guidance. Follow your ravens… they know the way.”
King of the Treetops
Artist: Kathleen Karol
Dimensions: 19×22.5in
Price: $725
Medium: Pastel
From the artist: “What does a stork do to cool off in the sweltering summer heat? They climb to the highest treetop and flap their wings of course!”
Little Dog with a Hibiscus Flower
Artist: Julia Wynn Safer
Dimensions: 12x12in
Price: $450
Medium: Acrylic on wood
From the artist: “Inspiration for the painting “Little Dog with a Hibiscus Flower” came from a photo I took of my little Chinese Crested Powderpuff dog a couple of summers ago as she sat in the backyard with a Hibiscus flower tucked into the fur beneath her ear. She loves to play with Hibiscus flowers and Hibiscus always reminds me of the hot, humid dog days of summer in the South.”
Hay, Down There!
Artist: Ali Graves
Dimensions: 14x18in
Price: $900
Medium: Ink Drawing
From the artist: “This is an India Ink wash painting of a beloved horse who was investigating what I was doing on the ground! Nothing screams summer more than horsing around!”
Fish Puppy
Artist: Judi Bradford
Dimensions: 6x6in
Price: $125
Medium: Drawing
From the artist: “Dog Days of Summer means dogs in water to me — splashing, chasing, shaking water on everyone they know. You have to be indulgent to love dogs and water– and don’t wear your best clothes.”
Cat Days of Summer
Artist: Diego Bonometti
Dimensions: 14x11in
Price: $200
Medium: Drawing
From the artist: “I wanted to do a fun illustration and decided to put a cat instead of a dog for this piece. Her spraying over the word “dog” and her face of indifference shows how most cats are, as it was a lot of fun drawing her sassy attitude.”
Artist: Marjorie Dodrill
Dimensions: 25x31in
Price: $2,600
Medium: Watercolor
From the artist: “This horse knows how to cool off during the Dog Days of Summer by letting the breeze wash over him as he faces the wind in his face. Sweat + wind= cooler.”