Modern Goddess: A Collective of the Feminine

Featuring artists Elli Milan and Rick Cain & more!

Elli Milan

Elli Milan’s journey as an artist began after a revelation she had in high school. Prior to when everything changed for her, she was incapable of drawing or painting anything. Then one day her school had a guest speaker that changed her life forever. This speaker taught her how to activate her right brain and this opened the door to the creative realm for Elli. She started creating with a love and zeal for the visual arts. Elli attended Savannah College of Art and Design and later transferred to the University of Georgia, where she received her BFA. Since then, she has maintained a successful career as a professional artist for over 24 years and sold over 10,000 pieces of original art. 
Elli is married to artist John Milan and together they have raised four artist children. Their family of professional artists created the foundation of Milan Art Institute and recruited a team of exceptional and talented individuals that have helped expand the vision of the school. Elli Milan is passionate about empowering artists. Her powerful art inspires artists around the world to step into their true potential. She has changed the lives of over a thousand artists, helping them find their voice, and turn their passion for art into a profession. 
She is a leading voice of the current Art Renaissance. Elli Milan has dedicated her life to transforming our world into a prosperous atmosphere for artists everywhere. 
Exaltation Elli Milan Oil painting 34" x 20" $3,600
New Creation Elli Milan Oil painting 36" x 30" $5,400

Rick Cain

Specializing in art that showcases the spiritual connection between ourselves, animals and our planet, Rick Cain is a world renowned artist. He began working with wood at the age of twenty. He progressed rapidly past merely creating designs in the wood and discovered an ability to “release” the shapes and images inherent in the wood. 
He was determined to become a professional artist and by the 1970s he had had achieved that dream. 
In the late 1980s he made his art available to the masses by creating limited edition reproductions of his original pieces. Rick Cain’s original works as well as his limited edition sculptures are in private and public collections throughout the world. 
Though mostly retired, he is honored to show these pieces at NOMA Gallery. He hopes that people enjoy them and that they help connect those that see them to the divine feminine nature present in us all. 
Her Water World Rick Cain Wood Sculpture 8" x 5" x 7" $800
Feather Wave Rick Cain 22" x 14" x 33" Wood Sculpture $4,000
Flare in the Universe Rick Cain Wood Sculpture 7" x 6" x 11" $1,200
Reflection Rick Cain Wood Sculpture 5" x 2" x 5" $650
Her Circle Rick Cain Resin 11" x 6" x 11" $1,200
Eve and Adam Rick Cain Wood Sculpture 11" x 9" 10" $2,500
Rainbow Goddess Carrie Wachter-Martinez Acrylic Painting 60" x 37" $700
Between the Worlds Carrie Wachter-Martinez Acrylic Painting 45" x 33" $900
Eclipsing Thoughts Sarah Humphreys Embroidery 6" x 6" $100
Mother Mel Fiorentino Oil on canvas 12' x 12" $175
The Swamp Goddess Jennifer Verduzco Photography 36" x 24" $800
Cora - Goddess of Hope Linda DeRosa Mixed Media 34" x 24" $750
She Wears Frames Without lenses Justin Alsedek Mixed Media 24" x 12" $2,700
No More Secrets” Justin Alsedek Mixed Media 12" x 12" $1,450
Aphrodite Mel Fiorentino Oil on canvas 36" x 48" $2,500
Florence Danuta Jacob Oil painting 12" x 24" $400
Newly Discovered Goddess Diane Cahal Watercolor 16" x 20" $300
Goddess Vulva Diane Cahal Mixed Media 12" x 14" $300
Cosmic Embrace Christopher Hershberger Fluid art and photography 24" x 24" $2,500
Tiamat, the Dragon Queen Christopher Hershberger Oil on Board 23" x 29" $10,000
RuPaul Michelle Rhodes Oil painting 21" x 17" $525