Mel Fiorentino: Echoes of Eternity Fiorentino’s canvas becomes a portal to the past, as her oil strokes breathe life into the forgotten tales of bygone eras. With a deft hand, she captures fleeting glimpses of the people we might have been, the stories we could have lived. Each brushstroke unveils a tapestry of human experience that spans across time, inviting you to reflect on the eternal nature of the soul’s journey.

Ralph Demilio: Deities in the Details Demilio’s lens is a conduit to the divine, capturing the essence of deities from cultures worldwide. His captivating photographs draw forth the connections between mortals and gods, inviting you to explore the tapestry of spirituality that unites humanity. Through his lens, you’ll witness the threads that weave us into a rich tapestry of cosmic significance.

Exhibition Themes:

Resonating Echoes of the Past: Fiorentino’s masterful artistry delves into the enigma of past lives, coaxing forth forgotten memories and unexplored identities. Her paintings spark introspection, urging you to ponder the footprints of your own soul across the annals of history.

Global Ties to the Divine: Demilio’s photographic journey takes you on a pilgrimage across cultures, revealing the myriad ways in which humans have connected with divine forces. His images invite you to meditate on the universal truths that traverse time and geography.

The Eternal Dance: Together, Fiorentino and Demilio weave a narrative that spans existence itself, exploring the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Their collaborative pieces illuminate the intricate choreography of the soul’s journey through the ages.