United Nations: Faces of Africa

Featuring artists Prince Merid Tafesse of Ethiopia and Charles Osaro of Nigeria Shop Entire Exhibit Charles Osaro Nigeria, Africa Charles Osaro is a Nigerian contemporary portrait artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He paints faces, he sees this as the most interesting subject to paint because it’s one of the most important nonverbal ways of communication. As an artist, he is fascinated by the quick glance, subtle body language and expressions that lies beneath the human facials, he likes to capture different faces with different meanings. Charles is more interested in his sitter’s mood because it’s kind of a way of interpreting the sitter’s world. According to Charles, most time there are things that are best communicated through our expressions, that is why he likes to paint his subject looking directly at the viewers so as to create a direct connection with the viewers. His works are mostly spontaneous with loose effect achieved with squeegees, brushes and palette knifes. Most times his approach are by random accident which includes drippings, paint throws and splashing of paint on canvas which leaves him in a space of making do with what he has to protrude his image so the viewers can enjoy the physicality