Fables: The Next Chapter by Grace Netanya

Featuring artist Grace Netanya Shop Entire Exhibit “Victory” Dimensions: 22x30in Price: $9200 Medium: Colored pencil on Bristol board Date: 2022 Statement: I believe that true victory is a psychological, rather than physical reality. It can be achieved through maintaining hope and emotional strength, in the face of great opposition. The unicorn and the dragon represent two sides of the human psyche, darkness and light. “Victory” has achieved true power, by remaining balanced between the two aspects of her personality. Her strength comes from her self-awareness. “Medusa” Dimensions: 10x13in Price: $3300 Medium: Graphite, colored pencil, charcoal, alcohol ink Date: 2022 Statement: Medusa is a complex character who’s identity as a villain or hero is ambiguous, varying based off which version of her myth you hear, and based off who tells it. Medusa is the only one of the gorgons- powerful female demigods-to be mortal. The cost of this vulnerability is that she is ultimately slain- her head used by a male “hero” as a weapon. Similar to a dragon guarding treasure, Medusa’s destruction is justified simply by being of benefit to the protagonist of the story. Medusa, although often portrayed as beautiful, is also consistently painted or carved as screaming with